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Streets Of Blood

Val Kilmer and rapper 50 Cent star as a pair of newly minted police partners risking their own lives to determine whether a fellow officer was murdered in this gritty crime drama set in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The official report says the officer died during the chaos of the storm -- one of the most violent natural disasters the nation's ever seen -- but the evidence doesn't seem to add up. Sharon Stone co-stars.

50 Cent aspirations for acting is paying off. In this movie he is working with motion picture veterans Val Kilmer and Sharon Stone. Surely those vets must have shared some tips about acting to Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson,because in my opinion,and regardless of what others say,he did a pretty good job in this movie. This movie is worth a watch.

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Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson
Val Kilmer(Heat)
Sharon Stone-(Basic Instinct)
Michael Biehn-(Kyle Reese in The Terminator,Aliens)
Shirley Brenner
Directed by Chris Winkler

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